Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jewelry Care and Cleaning: Bohemian Honey Style

With so many of us wearing plated jewelry these days, it isn't a surprise when one day removing our jewelry pieces, we notice that the items may look worn or just not as shiny as they did the day we bought it. 

Believe me, I have researched and experimented with different types of things to clean my brass, gold and silver plated jewelry and the best things that work for me, are things from around THE HOUSE! I am sure you have them in your house, too!

Most of the items I create for Bohemian Honey, are made with brass, gold and silver plated chain and findings.

After some questions from my customers about cleaning and care tips, I decided it was finally time to post these for all to see. Don't worry, even if you haven't purchased with Bohemian Honey, these cleaning tips will work with other types of jewelry as well! Give it a try! This is definitely something I should have posted sooner, but better late than never, right?

So without further Adieu....


In order to extend the life of your Bohemian Honey Jewelry, it should always be taken off before showering, sleeping, physical activities and swimming. They should be stored in a clean & dry area when not being worn.

For metal sensitivities, you can always paint a little clear nail polish to the posts of all Bohemian Honey earrings, the necklace and bracelet clasps, as well as the wire Love and Infinity rings! This will help the metals from tarnishing or losing shine too quickly, and will also help with itching if you are sensitive to the earring posts! (P.S. Bohemian Honey uses nickel free earring components!) As you wear the jewelry, the nail polish will come off after a lot of wear, so re-application is necessary from time to time!

>>> EARRINGS <<<

Because Bohemian Honey earrings are made with all different types of components, it is only recommended to clean the posts and ear wires of the earrings with a Q-tip, and some rubbing alcohol when you feel necessary. Don’t forget to remove earrings when showering, sleeping, swimming and physical activities.


Raw brass and copper will tarnish over time as it is worn. While many like the look of antiqued brass, some want the shiny raw brass look restored. If the original raw brass or copper shine is preferred, just rub a little ketchup (yep, ketchup!) onto the brass, rinse with soap and water, and pat dry with a towel.


Antiqued brass can easily be cleaned with a little mild soap and water, and patted dry with a towel, when it seems dirty.


Because some of us have more acid in our skin than others, this can cause gold and silver plated chain to turn tarnish (turn black) over time. This is because of the alloys in the metal that our body chemistry reacts to. In order to prolong the life of your plated jewelry, please remember to remove them when showering, swimming and exercising! To get the most life out of your jewelry, clean your jewelry after each wear.


Don’t use anything abrasive (i.e. brush, scratch pad sponge) to clean your gold or silver plated items. This can possibly scratch and damage them. After each time of wearing your jewelry, rinse it with mild soap and water, pat dry with a towel, and store it in a clean dry place until next use.


Do not scrub Gold or Silver Plated components. Clean your plated jewelry with toothpaste (not gel) in the amount you would put on your toothbrush. If the toothpaste has baking soda in it, even better! You can easily mix a little baking soda to your toothpaste. The baking soda oxidizes the metal and will help lift the tarnish off of the metal. With your fingers, run the toothpaste along the plated pieces of your jewelry, for a couple of minutes, then rinse, and pat dry with a towel. Do this once a week, if you wear it frequently and notice it beginning to discolor.


Take a shallow bowl, and line it with aluminum foil. Put the plated pieces of your jewelry in the bowl where cleaning is needed. If you are cleaning a necklace that includes beads, gems or other materials in addition to the plated chain, make sure these items are not in the bowl. This may affect the quality and condition of the other materials. In another small microwave safe dish, add about 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The baking soda oxidizes the metal and will help lift the tarnish off of the metal. Add 4 tablespoons of water and microwave until you see bubbles forming. This happens pretty quickly. Take the dish out and pour the baking soda /water solution over the plated metal parts in the shallow bowl and let it soak in there for about 5 minutes. Remove, rinse with water, then clean with toothpaste directions found in ‘For Slight Discoloration Section’) After cleaning process is finished, pat dry with a towel, and store in a dry place until you are ready to use again.


To preserve the colors of the flowers in this necklace, when not in use make sure to store it in a dark dry place. Like all Bohemian Honey jewelry, always make sure to remove jewelry before showering, sleeping, physical activities and swimming. Due to the nature of this necklace, the antique brass chain is best cleaned with just a little water and mild soap using a cloth to apply it. Do not allow the flower pendant or stone to get wet.

I hope these jewelry care and cleaning tips help!

If you have other questions, never hesitate to contact me!