Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Is A "Blogger"???

Lately I have been wondering what exactly a "blogger" is?? How does one become a blogger, and who is privileged enough to wear the title of, Blogger? 

People blog about many things, or not so many things.
People blog for many different reasons, or maybe just one.
People blog several times a day or week, sometimes just a few times a month or year.
                                                                                        Source: via Ginny on Pinterest

To me, if one who keeps a blog and updates it with the content they want, for the reasons they want, and as often as they want makes them indeed a blogger.

It's all about YOU and YOUR blog, and what YOU choose to do with it!

One blogger to the next should never make another blogger feel inadequate or feel as though they don't deserve to be called a blogger, just because they don't put the same amount of content into their blog as another blogger.
                                                                                                Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I have read some very good and popular blogs by people who make their blog their life and their baby, and feed it and nurture it with the words that they write.

I have also read some equally good blogs, that are still popular and not updated as frequently.

                                                                                       Source: via Xtra-Money on Pinterest

People blog to earn money from selling ads, giving people insight on new innovative ideas, to promote a business, product reviews, vacation hot spots, mommy things, celebrity news, fashion, life updates, to get free stuff, documenting your life for yourself and your family, new friendships, popularity, competition to see how many followers you can get, a voice, a memoir, the list goes on..... but whatever the reason, it's YOUR reason, YOUR blog.

Why do I blog??

I blog because I want to document my life. I want to share this with my family and friends who may not always be close to see me and talk to me. I blog because I do want to meet new friends, and even promote my business a little. I enjoy blogging, but as you can see, I don't have many followers, I don't post new blog posts every single day, and I am even aware that many people don't even read my blog because there are rarely comments on my posts. Honestly, I am A-okay with this! I know I am not a super-blogger. I make time for blogging when I am able to sit down with some free time, sans my little blonde curly topped boy, which is only a few hours a day. I read blogs, but I just never comment. Sorry, it's not that I don't enjoy what you write, but to leave a comment, let alone write a post is a huge effort. I am almost certain they would be half English and half jibberish because Brendan loves to help type by smacking on the keyboard! I make time for bloggertivities When I am not working at my job and designing new jewelry for my shop, or getting ready for another craft show, cleaning my house, traveling to see family, or just relaxing and spending quality time with my little family. Life is full, and sometimes blogging just gets put on hold, but it is my choice.

                                                                                              Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

Every blogger should remember that you make your blog what you want it to be. 
Don't adapt your life to your blog, you should adapt your blog to your life where and when it fits.
Blogging should always be fun!
No matter how big or small,

You are a Blogger.

Just remember that!