Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stripsteak: Where The Meat is Sexy.

Good! Now that I caught your attention with the promise of 'sexy meat' (OK, I admit I made that up, I have no idea what qualifies meat to be sexy, but I'll give it my best shot!) today, I am taking you all back to Las Vegas! 

We arrived on Friday, very late due to super bad traffic, which also meant pushing our dinner reservation back, also meaning getting all dolled up for the night was a little rushed.

In the end, I looked as good as I could, and Bryan and I went to dinner, which was well worth the wait!

I like good food, but Bryan is the one who loves to eat at the fancy restaurants and try new restaurants. Especially restaurants that specialize in steak.
A little fact about me, I don't eat red meat very much because I don't care for the taste, so I generally stick to chicken or fish.


Our dinner for the night was at a place called Stripsteak, located inside The Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. This restaurant is owned by the award winning chef, Michael Mina. 

Stripsteak is a beautiful, open feeling restaurant that presents as elegant, yet masculine, with the clean straight lines of a contemporary finish.

The dimmed lighting and textures of etched glass and patterned wood blocks to create the wall  (honestly if you look closely, these are just glorified 2x4's that are stained.... I am going to Home Depot for lumber and making one of these walls. And next week, a DIY on the blog!!! Just kidding...) make this a rather romantic setting.

Now, onto the food!

These my friends, are Duck Fat Fries.

Um, yeah never heard of it either, but I am a sucker for a good french fry, so I did not turn down these babies!

This trio of fries are made three different ways: garlic herb, Cajun Bay seasoning, and truffle. Each flavor was equally delicious, and those fries??? OMG, they are cooked perfectly! Light and crispy... sorry, I just drooled... just a little though...moving on...

Wondering about those sauces?? Truffle Aioli, Cajun sauce, and house made ketchup.  Each sauce was different but oh so good, but I think my favorite was the ketchup, which is no ordinary ketchup by any means!

Oh, and did I mention these fries are complimentary with any purchase??! 

Top Left: Foie Gras Sliders (these were kind of amazing)
Top Right: My entree, King Salmon (Light, Flakey and melted like butter in my mouth!)
Bottom Left: Bryan's entree, Wagyu Rib Cap (this buttery rich steak is what Stripsteak is famous for!)
Bottom Right: Truffled Mac + Cheese (cheesy, buttery perfection. Enough said!)

Sadly by the end of our meal, we could not find the room for one of their desserts, which all sounded sooooo  delicious. We decided we would be happy with an after dinner mint, but little did we know, they offer a shareable sized bag of caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate as a parting gift, instead! As delicious as this looks, we still have yet to crack this open and try it, but I am sure it tastes just as amazing as it looks!

If you are ever in Las Vegas and are looking for a high scale restaurant to celebrate an occasion (in our case, just a date together, just the two of us...) this is definitely a great place to go!

P.S. -- All of the pictures above were taken on my Samsung Galaxy SIII! Pretty cool, huh?

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