Tuesday, May 29, 2012

There's A First Time For Everything

It has been an incredible ride so far watching Brendan grow, change, learn and explore new things! I have learned in the past year that becoming a parent is really one of the best things in the world. It brings me happiness and joy, but  I have also learned that being a parent also comes with some challenges. Not challenges in the sense that the kid is a hellion or anything because seriously, I don't know how I was blessed with such an amazing little boy. I am talking about challenges like everyday realizations, that I am not just making choices and decisions for myself, but I am in charge of a very little person, and I have to sometimes make quick decisions regarding his well being and just "going with" my instinct and making choices that I think is right, and then just hoping it turns out for the best. So far so good, though. He seems to be turning out well, or so I am told! That's the hardest part, for me. The absolute best part of being a parent is being able to expose Brendan to new experiences that I have had, and watch through his eyes as he experiences things for the first time. These past few weeks have been full of first time experiences for Brendan!

Probably not Brendan's first shirtless photo, but I can't resist this face! This kid is going to be a heart breaker!

Brendan's first time at the beach! My pale little Casper baby loooooved the sand so much, that when it was time to go, he cried! We will definitely be visiting the beach again soon!

This past weekend, we  went to 'My Gym' for some fun at some of our best friend's son's birthday party! Brendan was upset when we put him in the ball pit, but then when I went in with him, he was happy and didn't want to get out! Taking this picture with him was an effort, because he was whining and trying to get away so he could continue playing! Oh, and yes he cried when it was time to get out, here too!

Well, this weekend was also when we decided to take Brendan's 1 year old pictures and our family photos. Brendan was a little cranky that morning, and this shot above, pretty much sums up the mood for the entire session. We didn't want to buy this one, but couldn't resist sneaking a little camera phone picture to document the event! Believe it or not, our photographer happened to be very talented, and somehow got a few decent shots of him, and us! To get Brendan to smile, we had to shove fruit snacks in his mouth between re-posing! Ahhh, the strategies and schemes you come up with as a parent! So much fun, but it can leave one exhausted! 

Hope you all had an exciting and eventful Memorial Day Weekend! I know we did!

Back to work, everyone!!

-- Farra

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Memorial Day Weekend

I was just thinking the other day, how I cannot believe we are almost half way through May already. 2012 is going by so fast, it's scary! So, May also brings Memorial Day, and a nice loooong weekend to kick back with a few beers, a bbq, and friends. This requires having a cute outfit to wear as well, and if I was able to purchase a fantabulous new outfit for Memorial Day weekend, I think it would go a little something like this....

Memorial Day Weekend

WKSHP bohemian top, €69
True Religion destroyed denim jeans, €189
L A M B platform wedge, $325
MICHAEL Michael Kors genuine leather handbag, $350
Forever 21 geometric jewelry, $6.80
14k jewelry, $47
Triangle necklace, 9.99 AUD
Helen Kaminski raffia hat, $175
Laura Mercier lip makeup, $24
Lancôme bright makeup, $15

-- Farra

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Ahhh, Wednesday already!! So happy! A nice long weekend is in the near future, and it should be a good one!

Some pretty awesome things I found on Pinterest recently!!

                                                                                       Source: mommysavers.com via Farra on Pinterest

                              Waterfall cascade french braid. I definitely want to try this!

                                                                                     Source: lovemaegan.com via Farra on Pinterest

One of my most favorite finds at the beach is sand dollars! They are naturally so beautiful! I love the pops of colors from the enhancements these were given!

                                                                                     Source: Uploaded by user via Farra on Pinterest

I love love LOVE the bohemian feel of this bedroom! All of the textures and patterns draw my eyes to so many different things!

                                                                           Source: thatbohemiangirl.tumblr.com via Farra on Pinterest

Just to keep with my tradition, how about a chicken or two, or three or four?? Yes, please!! So fluffy and cute!!

                                                                                         Source: flickr.com via Farra on Pinterest

                                                   The heart of the ocean? 

                                                                               Source: nepula.tumblr.com via Farra on Pinterest

Those Beatles and their charm, good looks and talent! I can't get enough of them! They are ready for summer, and so am I!! Love the onesie, Paul!!

                                                                                        Source: Uploaded by user via Farra on Pinterest

                                       -- Farra

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Queen Bee Market!

I am super excited to attend The Queen Bee Market again this year!! I went last year and got to shop and meet people and see so much creativity put into an array of handmade items! There's jewelry, vintage items, baby items, art, re-purposed items, kindle and iPad covers, stationary, and soooo much more! It's worth coming out to see! My friend Gina, from Acute Designs will be there with her beyond cute shop!

Hope to see you there!!

--  Farra

Who Covered Up The Sun????

Sunday was a particularly special day because we were able to witness a solar eclipse! I have always been pretty intrigued by all things related to science, with space and NASA being my biggest interests. When I know I have a rare opportunity to see something space related, I jump on it! I I love to look at stars, and find constellations and just stare at the sky. There have been times while driving home from Las Vegas through the desert, that I can look up and see what seems to be millions of stars in the sky. I have and will pull over on random roads in the middle of the desert to stop and stare up into the sky, mesmerized and lost in thought. When I was a kid, I remember going to Palm Springs with my grandparents and my grandpa would pull out these constellations charts he had, and he would stand in the yard with my brother and I pointing out constellations and asking us to find them, too. This by far is one of my fondest memories. 

So, Sunday was a particularly overcast day along the coast, but we decided to travel inland and try to catch a view of the solar eclipse!

We were able to see the eclipse and here is a picture I was able to take while looking through a solar filter, designed specifically for looking at solar eclipses. This is used so you don't burn your retinas by trying to look at it without the proper protective eye-wear.

This type of a solar eclipse is called an annular eclipse, meaning that the Moon is too far from the Earth to cover the Sun entirely.

The next total solar eclipse that will be visible in North America, will be August 21, 2017. There will be a partial solar eclipse in October, 2014 but I don't think it will be as cool. :- p

Anyways, if you were able to see the eclipse and capture any awesome pictures of them, send them to me and I will post them and link them to your blog! 

-- Farra

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Chambray Season

This week, I decided to go a little more bohemian casual, but still very feminine! I seriously wish I could have that dress!  I love the softness of the heather gray-blue in the dress fabric, with the combination of the bright tangerine cardigan! 


About Me: My Career

In my about me section, I wrote a bunch of stuff about me and my little family, but there is a lot more to me than that. Besides being a wife, a mommy, a blogger, running a little shop on etsy, and everything else I have going on, I am also a counselor for adults with mild developmental disabilities. I have been in the field of working with adults and children with mild to very severe disabilities for more than 10 years. This is not an easy job, but it comes to me with ease. I really, honestly and truly love what I do. My position offers our clients basic counseling for any needs in their lives they may have. The best part of my job is helping my clients realize how to discover the possibilities and solutions to their problems independently. This to me, means I am doing my job right!
                                                                                     Source: styledip.com via Lynne on Pinterest

It all started in the second grade of religious school. One of my best friends I grew up with had moderate/severe Cerebral Palsy, and I worked really hard to make him feel accepted and teach him things so he could participate and fit in with the other kids. We took sign language classes in the summertime together so we could communicate with one another (his speech was unclear). Kids were mean and teased, but he nor I cared. He needed me, and I needed him just as much. 

Sadly, Jason became very ill and was diagnosed with cancer when he was 17. He went into remission, but not long after, he relapsed again. He lost his battle with cancer at the age of 18. I was devastated to lose such a fun and loving friend. Jason was always smiling. Always. Even when he was so sick, and when the chemo took his hair, and he was weak, we sat and played 'go-fish' and Checkers, but he still pulled his pranks he used to pull. He always had to be the jokester! His teeth were so crooked, but he really did have one of the best smiles I have ever seen! Thinking about it right now has me smiling. :-) I may have taught him things, but Jason taught me so much more than I could ever have imagined. It's funny, because those things that I learned from him, I still carry with me to this day, and remember. Jason had a part in what shaped me, and made me who I am today. I am so grateful and will never forget him for that.

You can read more about Jason's life here.

                                                                              Source: jenniferbrouwerdesign.com via Consuelo on Pinterest

After losing Jason, I knew I wanted to be involved in helping to change people's lives who had disabilities for a living. I didn't know how, or when, but I knew I would someday. 

Like most Freshman entering college their first semester, I had no clue what my major would be. There are so many options to choose from, but not much time to decide before those general ed units run out! I decided to take an intro course on Health & Human Services one semester, and I was hooked! I obtained my B.A. in Health & Human Services in 2006 from Cal State Dominguez Hills, and have been doing what I love ever since!

                                                                                      Source: Uploaded by user via Jen on Pinterest

There are a few people who feel as though my job is unimportant and pointless, and think it is not good enough. They have put me down in front of my face, and behind my back to others for my career choice. I don't care. So, shoot me down because I have compassion. I know my job is not glamorous and will not provide me with millions of dollars. But I am happy. I don't do this because I couldn't do anything else or was not smart enough. I am doing what I know and feel in my soul, is what I was born to do.

                                                                                     Source: Uploaded by user via Anne on Pinterest

It does takes a certain person to understand and embrace a career like this. This is definitely not something that everyone can do, and that's more than ok. I will never judge anyone for not wanting to do this in life. Most people don't. But don't judge me for the path I chose to take. The individuals I help want more than ever to be treated with respect and to have a place in this world. I have a hunger for helping them find that place, because making them happy, makes me happy.

Hope this gives you all a little more insight about who I am!

Thanks for reading!

-- Farra

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Bloomin' Good Time!!

Last week, I attended a really great floral workshop at Isari Flower Studio, in Solana Beach. I had a great time creating a beautiful fresh floral arrangement full of gorgeous fragrant peonies, and looking at the array of flowers and home accessories. The studio is so clean, crisp and organized, plus with the fresh scent of the floral arrangements and the salty ocean air, a shopping trip here is quite a pleasant experience. It is apparent that they love what they do in this shop by displaying their items so attractively. One could easily be inspired to decorate their home with what they have to offer!

The evening started off right when Morgan, manager of Isari poured me a nice glass of red wine, adorned with a simple pink peony petal garnish. Apparently, they are edible, but I did not try it!

After we took a tour of the flower studio, Tam the owner and creator or Isari Flower Studio began the workshop! We were each given several peonies, tea roses and filler to begin creating our floral arrangements! Tam and Morgan were so helpful and went around assisting us to make sure our end result looked like a piece of art! 

This was the arrangement that I made and got to take home! I am so happy it turned out so well!

If you attend a class with Isari Flower Studio, or just stop by to shop, you will see what I'm talking about!


-- Farra

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nutella Stuffed French Toast + more chocolate

You may have seen from my post last week, that I blogged about Bryan's 30th birthday. He didn't really want to make a big deal about it, but we did end up going out for sushi dinner that night, and I would have to say his morning started off pretty good because for breakfast, I made him this!

Let me introduce you to: Nutella Stuffed French Toast

Believe me, it is a pleasure to meet this dish! 

(This breakfast definitely does not require a platter of this calibur, though this is breakfast fit for royalty, so I let it have the big platter, that is hard to get in and out of the dishwasher, and that I had to wash by hand. Yep, it's that special....trust me on this one, kids)

Now, when you think of Nutella Stuffed French Toast, you think 'whoa, French toast with chocolate for breakfast? Can breakfast get any more chocolatey??'

My response to that is, 'YES!! It can, and it just DID!!'

So, when I typically cook, I like to look up a recipe and then change things up a little bit and make it my own.

 The recipe I looked at originally called for heavy cream. I substituted that with

:::: C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E. :::: M.I.L.K. ::::

Now doesn't that sound soooo much better? 

Intrigued, right?? 

Here we go!

:::: What you need ::::

:: 4 slices bread (I used Potato Bread) ::
:: 2 eggs ::
:: 1/4 cup Chocolate Milk (extra chocolatey!) ::
:: 1/8 cup powdered sugar ::
:: 4 Tbsp Nutella ::
:: fresh fruit ::
:: Maple Syrup?? (We left this out! It tasted great without it!) ::

:: Garnish ::

chocolate chips ( I didn't count... the more the better!)

Nutella writing was done by putting Nutella into a ziploc, pushing it to one corner of the ziploc and cutting a small hole in the tip! Yay! Homemade pastry bags!

:::: What You Need To Do ::::

 :: Preheat a nonstick skillet over medium low heat.  ( I added a little "I Can't Believe It's Not :: Butter, because my nonstick frying pans are not so forgiving)

:: In a bowl whisk together the eggs, and chocolate milk. ::
:: Take 2 slices of bread and spread 2 Tbsp of Nutella on each one. ::  
:: Sandwich together and dip the whole thing into the egg and milk mixture. ::  
 Grill on each side until brown, about 3-4 minutes.  Remove from heat and serve immediately with  maple syrup or fresh fruit.

Make this, and you'll be smiling all day!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

-- Farra

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Color Crush

Today was a hot day, and usually when it is pretty warm out, I imagine wearing light colors, and flowing material. If I was going out on a particularly hot evening, I would definitely wear something like this. Of course, if I could pull off the white pants, then this could pretty much work. Oh, how I wish I could wear white pants!! 

Color Crush

Things That Go BUMP In The Night...

Every so often, I will wake up in the middle of the night because of some sound I hear. Besides my 'mommy radar' being on at all times, I have always been a relatively light sleeper. I guess even since we bought and moved into this house last June, I haven't gotten used to all of the sounds this house makes and the sounds I hear outside around it! Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I am not fully awake to assess a situation normally, and immediately jump to some crazy and horrific conclusion. Since we have moved into the house, and have woken up to a sound from outside, I immediately think OMGwhatwasthatsomeoneisbreakingintothehouse!!!!

                                                                                            Source: wired.com via Sue on Pinterest

Well, a couple nights ago, I once again woke up to some weird noises. I fought my urge to tap Bryan and make him get up, because I remembered he called me crazy because...

A couple of months after moving in, our DVR was left on pause, and after a few hours will continue playing. Well, it un-paused itself in the middle of the night, totally freaking us out!! I thought someone was watching tv in my house! Bryan went down and realized what happened and came back to bed, but I couldn't fall asleep! I kept hearing or imagining more noises, continuing to feed my irrational notion and repetitive chanting in my head, 


 I woke Bryan back up, and wasn't convinced that no one was in the house! We both heard some sounds, and both got up, I went downstairs and grabbed an over-sized decorative vase I have in the entryway, and held it over my head, so when the 'intruder' was in my sight, I would swing at him, and smash it over his head. ( I was born ready to be a big hero, and such. Oh, and you can stop laughing now. ;- p) Well, no one was in the house, all the doors were locked and I put the vase back. We went back to bed, and Bryan basically was like, 'Um, you're crazy. I am not getting up again, and in the future, just don't wake me up.'

So, the moral of this story?? I need to not let my imagination run wild, not wake Bryan, and shut the heck up and go back to sleep.

Any of you experience this?? How do your men react??

-- Farra

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bryan!

Today is my husband, Bryan's birthday! Yay! So he isn't that excited about this because it's kind of a big birthday, in which he would rather not make a big deal about. Yes, he has turned the big 


This is definitely a huge milestone as far as birthday's go, and to make sure he knows I care, I will post a few pictures to help him remember what a great 3 decades he has lived!

Bryan, this is your life!!!

Happy 30th Birthday, Bryan!!

I hope you don't kill me when you see what I did with this blog post!

Mostly, I hope you have a great birthday, with many many more happy memories made.

Brendan and I love you very much!