Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Showers

It's almost springtime, and when I hear spring time, I think of flowers, but in order to have flowers, we need to have rain! As a Southern Californian girl, I have never owned a pair of rain boots. I actually didn't know that there were so many cute styles and colors! I know, I'm kinda lame like that.... I thought it would be easy to pick rain boots! Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't stop looking at them! 50 pages later, I got a little carried away and finally posted only a few of my favorites.... Yes, there were more. It was my mini obsession of the night. I think I am over it now though.... I think.... I tried to keep my choices in the spirit of spring, because when it rains, I don't think about spring. I don't like to dress cute in the rain, unless I am forced to. My usual rainy day outfit consists of LuluLemon Athletica yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt, and some really warm fuzzy yellow slippers. I think being from SoCal kind of ruins rainy days for me, because if I lived anywhere else where it rained a lot more, I would put the time and effort into dressing in cute rainy day gear. The more I look that my rain boot choices below, I think I really want a pair of cute rain boots.....

Yay! It's Friday!!!

-- Farra
Spring Showers

Happy 1st Birthday, Brendan!

As I write this, I can't help but think about the fact that I was in the hospital, in labor one year ago at this time, about to have an epidural in about 20 minutes from now. Bryan and I were so anxious and excited for Brendan to finally arrive! Who's eyes would he have? What would his personality be like? What are we going to say and do the moment we see him for the first time? These questions and so many others circled our minds in a whirlpool of emotion and wonder. These were the last moments it would just be the two of us. We were about to begin our own family, about to embark on this journey to this new chapter in our lives. 

Brendan was finally here!

We instantly fell in love with his squished little face and wrinkly little body. Those first few moments having him there with us was indescribable. Never in my life had I felt this wonderfully, overwhelming feeling of gratification. We created this little person, and he was all ours. Only the future could tell what our lives would be like for this little boy's first year of life, and our first year in our new roles as his parents.

March 29, 2011

Brendan is just minutes old

1 Month Old

2 Months Old

3 Months Old

4 Months Old

5 Months Old

6 Months Old

7 Months Old

8 Months Old

9 Months Old

10 Months Old

11 Months Old

12 Months Old

We managed to survive the first year of parenthood. We are so lucky that we have such a beautiful, spunky, funny, lovable baby boy. Looking back at all of these pictures to write this blog post released a flood of happy memories that I will cherish forever. This kid warms my heart and completes me in a way I never even knew was possible. I believe one can only feel this once they become a parent. I cannot wait to experience this next year with Brendan as he grows, changes and learns. 

Happy First Birthday, Brendan! I love you!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Things That Make Me Feel Old.........

The past few weeks have made me really think about my age. This year will be the 8th anniversary of my 21st birthday, and I kinda care, and kinda don't. Basically, getting closer to the big 3-0 is gonna happen, right? Out of my control, and I know I will make the absolute best of it. I think maybe I should start planning a celebration for it now. 

Ahhh, to be 21 again.... btw, I was at the La Jolla Cove.

Anyways, so about feeling old... yesterday I was driving home from work and I always have music on while I drive. All of my favorite stations were on a commercial break (ok, seriously, do any of you notice this happen all the time?? Do radio stations coordinate with each other?) so I flipped to the oldies station. I had to do a double-take at my dash, to make sure I was on the oldies station, because what I was hearing was "When Doves Cry" by Prince! Ummm, this song and album was released in 1984!!! I was a baby! I couldn't believe it! What was this song doing on the oldies station?? Who decides what is an oldie and how many years should pass before it is decided that it is in fact, an oldie? 

Prince -- 1984
courtesy of Google

Well, the inquisitive one that I am, decided to consult Google (you have no idea how many times a day I research things on Google. It's like my right arm. If Google ever went away, I would be paralyzed.)  for the answer. Wikipedia gave an interesting explanation saying something like Oldies are within a period of 15-55 years, and other stuff...and then said that 70's and 80's music is being called "Classic Hits". To make Generation X feel better, perhaps?? Whatever.... interesting though.

Another thing that made me feel old just yesterday was while I was watching a DVR'd episode of My Crazy Obesession, on TLC. If you haven't seen this show yet, I suggest you check it out. It makes you feel so much more sane than you think you are. Well, maybe that's just me. So this episode had a guy who was obsessed with collecting mannequins. His collection was well over 300 ( MCO watchers, have you seen this one yet??) and he spotted a new one in a window that he could not resist. He said it was a 
1980-something VINTAGE collectible mannequin!! He said VINTAGE! I tried looking up info on this, but Google found nothing. Probably because people don't really care about mannequins, is my guess. They are creepy. 

No mannequin picture for your viewing pleasure. Sorry for the inconvenience, but they're freaky.

What also really made me feel old recently is the fact that when I was 16, my little cousin was born, and I used to baby-sit her. This year, she turns 12 and will baby-sit my son, at some point. OMG! I can't believe this! Where has the time gone??

She was 4 in this picture! What the heck!!

And finally, I was watching tv, and saw part of an interview about the American Pie Reunion movie. The host of the interview asked Mina Suvari "So, how does it feel knowing American Pie came out 13 years ago? I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Seriously?? 13 years?? Which reminds me, my 10 year high school reunion was this past November..... {shudder}

Anyone else have any recent reminders of what made them feel their age? Share your experience as a comment, I would love to know I am not alone! 

Have a great day! Do something rejuvenating! 

-- Farra

Yep, I Pinned it.

Time for another Pinteresting Wednesday! Some pins this week are pins I have had for awhile, and some are brand spankin' new on my pin boards; but either way, I enjoy them all the same and hope you do, too!

I love these DIY flannel lamps! 

                                                                          Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                                                   Red Wine Lollipops!!

                                                                            Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                                   Make your very own lava lamp, with this kid friendly activity!

                                                                   Source: via Farra on Pinterest

Chicken of the week! Why?? Because my hair has looked like this for the past few days, so I felt an instant connection with this one. Yep, that's right.

                                                                  Source: via Farra on Pinterest


                                    Husband to Wife: "What did you do, pack the whole house??"

                                 Wife: "Why yes dear, I did! Don't you recognize the couch?"

                                 In all honesty, I think this is a pretty darn cool chair!

                                                                                  Source: via Farra on Pinterest

          A tree house for the whole family!

                                                                            Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                                                         There's nothing like cosmetics for the soul!

                                                                   Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                                                        Have a wonderful Wednesday!

                                                     --  Farra 


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Best of: The 1910's

I can honestly say, that when I was writing this post, I wasn't too sure what was happening during this decade and whether anything exciting happened, but I discovered this decade is choc full of exciting events in history! 
Check them out!

:: 1910 ::

The seductive dance of the Tango makes its first appearance this year


:: 1911 ::

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre this year and finally turned up in Italy 2 years later.


:: 1912 ::

Happy 100th Birthday to the Oreo Cookie! Where would we be without these?


:: 1913 ::

Arthur Wynne invents the first Crossword Puzzle! The first crossword puzzle was in the shape of a diamond with a hole cut from the center!


:: 1914 ::

Welcome, Charlie Chaplin to the big screen! Wasn't he cute?


:: 1915 ::

annnnnnd, moving along!

:: 1916 ::

The first self-service grocery store, 'Piggly-Wiggly' opens in the U.S.


:: 1917 ::

The First Pulitzer Prizes were awarded this year!


:: 1918 ::

Daylight Savings Time was introduced....who's brilliant idea was this??


:: Fashion of the 1910's :: 

The Best Of: The 1910's

Monday, March 26, 2012

The San Diego Shine Event

This weekend, I went to The San Diego Shine Event, at Mission Beach. This was a beach clean up that was organized by an amazing girl named Ashley, founder and author of the blog and organization The Shine Project. You may have already heard of this, but if you haven't, I highly recommend you check it out! This girl created The Shine Project to help people who are in need, and to inspire others to help out in their community. Ashley recently launched a new project called Pass It Forward, that you can read about here! This girl is responsible for raising money to give underprivileged high school students scholarships so they have the chance to go to college. The message she sends is one of love, compassion, and determination to shine through by doing random acts of kindness wherever you can. After the clean up was over, we headed back over to the Shine canopy to mingle and talk. Ashley made it a point to talk to EVERYONE and thank them for coming out! So genuine and real, I believe this girl truly is sunshine. For reals, I think I saw her sparkle. 

There's my bff Tammy, holding Brendan.

Just a portion of us picking up trash from around the bay. The girls are bloggers, the guys are the supportive husbands, fiances and boyfriends that they are.
( A little shout out to the bloggers in this picture: Magan, of A Touch Of Class, Ashley of House Of Glass, Barbara of Barbara Cooks, Olivia of Olivia.Dee, and Tammy of Lemons, Avocados & The Bay (her link is above too, in case you missed it!)

 Brendan, the littlest Shine volunteer. He helped by being cute and making people smile! To show his support, he was sporting his yellow and grey onesie. 

A little family photo opportunity. 


Some of us after the clean up.

I am definitely glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this rewarding experience!

Happy Monday everyone!!

-- Farra

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fancies: March Madness Edition

Linking up with Long Distance Loving, for another Friday's Fancies! This week, {av} asked us to create an outfit inspired by our favorite March Madness team! Well, um....I don't follow college basketball, at all! I couldn't even tell you a team that has made it into March Madness! So, I decided that rather than wear a team's colors, I would create an outfit for if I was going to go to a basketball game. I think I would sport something a little like this!

Friday's Fancies: March Madness Edition

H M long sleeve shirt, £9.99 - I have been loving vertical stripes lately, and if I am going to be at a game, I want to be comfortable! This to me, is the perfect cotton tee for such an occasion!
Knit blazer, $40 - I am loving this red blazer for some reason, considering I don't really have a lot of red in my closet. I love the cuffs on the sleeves! Definitely adds character!
Citizens of Humanity slim fit jeans, $335 - I love COH jeans! They are soft, comfortable and easy to wear with almost anything! I love the dark wash, as well!
TOMS ballerina flat, $79 - I have been pining for these flats since Tom's first posted their spring ballet flat preview in early Fall. Seriously, I want them in my closet. I want them on my feet. But.... my wallet says it's not time yet. 
Mar Y Sol summer clutch, £75 - How adorbs is this clutch??? Ok, honestly, I wouldn't bring a clutch to a basketball game, but I couldn't resist it! 
MICHAEL Michael Kors gold watch, $250 - This watch to me, just finishes the look! Such a smart addition to this outfit, especially with the cuffed sleeves on that blazer there is not a more perfect time to show that baby off! Ahhh, I also would love a Michael Kors watch, but I have my eye on  a different one! Oh, what's that wallet? What'd you say?? No??  Ok....
ASOS stud earrings, $8.95 - I don't know what to say about these earrings, other than I love them. Yep, that is all.

Well, that does it for another Friday's Fancies! I really hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

If you are in the San Diego area, you should definitely come down to Mission Beach for the beach clean up with The Shine Project! It should be a really great time doing our part to help the Earth, meeting other great people, and just soaking up some rays!

See you all on Monday!

-- Farra 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Bits Of Happiness

I was hoping I could finally link up with Mrs. Stepjanie T again for Little Bits Of Happiness, because it has been a couple weeks, and I have missed out! I have not taken many pictures, which is sad! I wasn't even sure if I could link up this week because honestly, it has been a trying week so far! This week has been one of trying to decide if Brendan is teething, or has a cold or something (I have heard runny noses can happen while babies are teething), which has left him a bit on the cranky side, but still relatively happy! As frustrating as his crankiness can be, I have to keep in mind that I would be cranky, too if my teeth were coming in! Plus, he is so passive and usually happy, I cannot complain when he has an off day, or two, or three. I was able to capture a fun moment we had together last night, just before bed! I finally caught Brendan giggling on video! He has always had this thing, where if he hears a funny word, he laughs over and over again, every time he hears it! In this case, the word was "jeez"! I used this expression while watching a DVR'd episode of Tosh.0 and something ridiculous happened, as it always does on this show. Brendan just started busting up, almost uncontrollably, and I could not resist trying to record this! I would definitely have to say, that this little video was my little bit of happiness for the week, and I cannot think of anything better than the laughter of a child. I am willing to bet you will smile while you are watching this! I just love my funny, sunny little guy so much! 

Hope you all have a great Thursday!


-- Farra


P.S. Did you see my post about my shop's new Wine Charms!! ?? You can purchase them in my shop right here!

Mrs Stephanie T

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's a Pinteresting Wednesday!

As my obsession for Pinterest grows, I am so excited to write a blog post and also be able to incorporate Pinterest into! Today, I am teaming up with The Vintage Apple for an Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!

Here are some of my favorite pins of the week!

I love the way this enclosed patio is decorated! So many pops of color, against a crisp white.

     Source: via Farra on Pinterest                                       

This beautiful blue bird has the most striking colors! Isn't he handsome?                                                                                       


                                                                          Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                 A beautiful and natural looking succulent bouquet! Who said succulents had to be green?

                                                           Source: via Farra on Pinterest    

                                         This is just so artistic! This photographer has a gift!           

Source: via Farra on Pinterest


This beautiful, romantic little place, is the town of Vernazza. It is located in The Cinque Terre, Italy. Bryan and I spent a few days here while we were on our honeymoon in 2008. We long to go back there, and plan to someday if time and money allow!  We stayed in the big red building on the shore, with the perfect view of the little beach and harbor!


What a fun idea! Chickens are a minor obsession in my life! If you read my Eleven Things post, you will learn just how much I adore these guys. 


( I would just like to apologize for the placement of my html in this post.... blogger is a pill to deal with at times, so bear with me.....I am trying to learn to use Windows Live Writer for future posts because frankly, I am just plain frustrated! Connecting it has been a problem, though. Can anyone help with this? please contact me if you can!!)