Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Is A "Blogger"???

Lately I have been wondering what exactly a "blogger" is?? How does one become a blogger, and who is privileged enough to wear the title of, Blogger? 

People blog about many things, or not so many things.
People blog for many different reasons, or maybe just one.
People blog several times a day or week, sometimes just a few times a month or year.
                                                                                        Source: via Ginny on Pinterest

To me, if one who keeps a blog and updates it with the content they want, for the reasons they want, and as often as they want makes them indeed a blogger.

It's all about YOU and YOUR blog, and what YOU choose to do with it!

One blogger to the next should never make another blogger feel inadequate or feel as though they don't deserve to be called a blogger, just because they don't put the same amount of content into their blog as another blogger.
                                                                                                Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I have read some very good and popular blogs by people who make their blog their life and their baby, and feed it and nurture it with the words that they write.

I have also read some equally good blogs, that are still popular and not updated as frequently.

                                                                                       Source: via Xtra-Money on Pinterest

People blog to earn money from selling ads, giving people insight on new innovative ideas, to promote a business, product reviews, vacation hot spots, mommy things, celebrity news, fashion, life updates, to get free stuff, documenting your life for yourself and your family, new friendships, popularity, competition to see how many followers you can get, a voice, a memoir, the list goes on..... but whatever the reason, it's YOUR reason, YOUR blog.

Why do I blog??

I blog because I want to document my life. I want to share this with my family and friends who may not always be close to see me and talk to me. I blog because I do want to meet new friends, and even promote my business a little. I enjoy blogging, but as you can see, I don't have many followers, I don't post new blog posts every single day, and I am even aware that many people don't even read my blog because there are rarely comments on my posts. Honestly, I am A-okay with this! I know I am not a super-blogger. I make time for blogging when I am able to sit down with some free time, sans my little blonde curly topped boy, which is only a few hours a day. I read blogs, but I just never comment. Sorry, it's not that I don't enjoy what you write, but to leave a comment, let alone write a post is a huge effort. I am almost certain they would be half English and half jibberish because Brendan loves to help type by smacking on the keyboard! I make time for bloggertivities When I am not working at my job and designing new jewelry for my shop, or getting ready for another craft show, cleaning my house, traveling to see family, or just relaxing and spending quality time with my little family. Life is full, and sometimes blogging just gets put on hold, but it is my choice.

                                                                                              Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

Every blogger should remember that you make your blog what you want it to be. 
Don't adapt your life to your blog, you should adapt your blog to your life where and when it fits.
Blogging should always be fun!
No matter how big or small,

You are a Blogger.

Just remember that!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Silver Lining

For the past 7 days, it has been chaos!! Chaos, I tell you! 

Sunday: Stuff in the freezer started to melt, because I thought the door wasn't shut right...not the worst thing, right? 

Monday: We are trying to teach Brendan how to be gentle, with people and animals. Bryan took Fletcher, our Cockatiel out of his cage so Brendan could see him. Well, Brendan gets just a little too excited when the birds come out and he is near them. He terrorizes them by screeching his happy squeals, and 
tries to pull their tails and poke them with his little fingers. No one likes being grabbed and poked, and Brendan grabbed his wing really fast, and wouldn't let go! I was freaking out thinking he was going to get hurt, so I tried to take Fletcher out of Brendan's grasp, but as I did, Fletcher bit me really hard and I am now left with a lovely hole in my finger. Yes, it hurts and it's not closing yet, so we shall see what happens with that. Fletcher is the best bird, who has never EVER bitten anyone and I love him! I really can't blame him for biting, you should have seen the feathers he lost :-(. Just in case you haven't seen him before, here is a video of him singing " The Andy Griffith Show" theme song. We have been working on this for years!


Still Monday: I walk in the kitchen, and there are melted popsicles on the floor of the kitchen. Um, I thought I closed that door shut! I open the freezer and everything is practically melted, and I have a rainbow sticky mess of popsicles melted alllllll over the freezer.  We call a repair guy out. Turns out that the compressor on our 14 month old brand new refrigerator is broken. I am less than thrilled, obviously. 

Monday Night: I worked part of the day, but set out to buy ice, a large cooler, and a mini fridge to try and salvage any food we have. 

Let's skip Tuesday, because it was the same old crap, different day....

Wednesday: Soooo, after $250 in bad food we threw away later, we are still trying to quickly eat what we can so the rest of our food doesn't go bad.

How long am I without a fridge???? Until September 11th!!! 

Yes, I had an argument with Sears.

So, the silver lining part??

Well, we are getting our food replaced, and the parts to repair the freezer arrived today, though that doesn't change the repair date of 9/11 when the guy can fix it. hmmmmph....

Ohhhhh, and I am excited because I bought a $60 dress at The Gap last week for $17, then this week it went down in price more, so they price adjusted the dress down to $8!!! Yay!!! Major win, right??

Oh, more silver lining???? 

It's Labor Day Weekend!!!

So this means a sale, just for you!!

With all this ish going on, I figure I should spread some happiness with y'all!!

Yay, so take advantage of that! 

Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stripsteak: Where The Meat is Sexy.

Good! Now that I caught your attention with the promise of 'sexy meat' (OK, I admit I made that up, I have no idea what qualifies meat to be sexy, but I'll give it my best shot!) today, I am taking you all back to Las Vegas! 

We arrived on Friday, very late due to super bad traffic, which also meant pushing our dinner reservation back, also meaning getting all dolled up for the night was a little rushed.

In the end, I looked as good as I could, and Bryan and I went to dinner, which was well worth the wait!

I like good food, but Bryan is the one who loves to eat at the fancy restaurants and try new restaurants. Especially restaurants that specialize in steak.
A little fact about me, I don't eat red meat very much because I don't care for the taste, so I generally stick to chicken or fish.


Our dinner for the night was at a place called Stripsteak, located inside The Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. This restaurant is owned by the award winning chef, Michael Mina. 

Stripsteak is a beautiful, open feeling restaurant that presents as elegant, yet masculine, with the clean straight lines of a contemporary finish.

The dimmed lighting and textures of etched glass and patterned wood blocks to create the wall  (honestly if you look closely, these are just glorified 2x4's that are stained.... I am going to Home Depot for lumber and making one of these walls. And next week, a DIY on the blog!!! Just kidding...) make this a rather romantic setting.

Now, onto the food!

These my friends, are Duck Fat Fries.

Um, yeah never heard of it either, but I am a sucker for a good french fry, so I did not turn down these babies!

This trio of fries are made three different ways: garlic herb, Cajun Bay seasoning, and truffle. Each flavor was equally delicious, and those fries??? OMG, they are cooked perfectly! Light and crispy... sorry, I just drooled... just a little though...moving on...

Wondering about those sauces?? Truffle Aioli, Cajun sauce, and house made ketchup.  Each sauce was different but oh so good, but I think my favorite was the ketchup, which is no ordinary ketchup by any means!

Oh, and did I mention these fries are complimentary with any purchase??! 

Top Left: Foie Gras Sliders (these were kind of amazing)
Top Right: My entree, King Salmon (Light, Flakey and melted like butter in my mouth!)
Bottom Left: Bryan's entree, Wagyu Rib Cap (this buttery rich steak is what Stripsteak is famous for!)
Bottom Right: Truffled Mac + Cheese (cheesy, buttery perfection. Enough said!)

Sadly by the end of our meal, we could not find the room for one of their desserts, which all sounded sooooo  delicious. We decided we would be happy with an after dinner mint, but little did we know, they offer a shareable sized bag of caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate as a parting gift, instead! As delicious as this looks, we still have yet to crack this open and try it, but I am sure it tastes just as amazing as it looks!

If you are ever in Las Vegas and are looking for a high scale restaurant to celebrate an occasion (in our case, just a date together, just the two of us...) this is definitely a great place to go!

P.S. -- All of the pictures above were taken on my Samsung Galaxy SIII! Pretty cool, huh?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hillcrest CityFest

A couple weeks ago, Bohemian Honey participated at CityFest, and had a booth!

CityFest was located in Hillcrest, San Diego on an extremely hot day. Despite the high temperatures, the day went great, and it was super eventful! 

If you missed out, here are a few pictures of how my half of the booth looked! 

My sign that I hand painted and created. I am still not totally sure if it is finished yet, I may add more embellishments, but we shall see!

Several thrifted, vintage items were used to create the display's for my pieces, giving the booth an eclectic feel.

A full view of my display!

This is definitely not the last fair I do, so keep checking back for more dates and locations!

Which reminds me, I will be at two of The Queen Bee Market events that are happening in the next few months! This is definitely super fun to attend! I have been shopping there before, and I love it! Definitely check out their website!

I will be posting more on those events when I have more info!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Desert Entertainment

This past weekend, we went to our second home, errrrr I mean Las Vegas. Honestly we are there so much, it seems like it almost could be! 

Anyways, we planned our trip to LV, with Tammy and Nadav, but being we are now an extra person when we all travel, we decided we would rent a mini van!! Seriously, Enterprise Car Rental has the best deals when we need them, as well as great cars! We rented an awesome mini van with leather seats, and a tv! and surround sound, too! In case you're interested, we watched Wall-E.....3 times.....and no, Brendan wasn't the one watching, it was me and Tammy! 

By far, the best entertainment was watching Brendan be his cute and silly self while we drove! 

My little love bug is the best! 

He also said apple for the first time while eating apple slices!!

The Vegas trip continues another day,

hope you all have an awesome Tuesday!

-- Farra

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bohemian Honey Is Going To CityFest!!

Hey Blogosphere!! Soooo, I have been super MIA for almost a month (gasp), and have realllllly been preoccupied to post anything new, but I have been preparing inventory because.....

Bohemian Honey Boutique is going to set up shop in a booth for the FIRST TIME EVER at......

If you haven't heard about this street fair before, it's the biggest street fair of the year for San Diego County!

I am super excited to have a booth here because honestly, it sounds like this is the place to be!!

I will be sharing a booth with my friend, the lovely Gina of Acute Designs! Her stuff is gorgeous!! Take a look!

Sounds like a great time to me, so you should come down, if you are in the San Diego area!

To express my excitement, I am offer a.....

Can't come to CityFest?? 

Don't be bummed.....

For all of you out of town folks, or locals who just can't make it...

Here's a promo for you!!

Annnnd..... this promo is running Friday - Monday!! Yay!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

-- Farra

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tourist in Europe

It's been a pretty long while since I have participated in any kind of fashion post! This week, we are traveling to Europe (Just on the blog.... I wish it was in real life) and choosing the perfect outfit to wear while touring around Europe! I loved Europe, and romance it exuded! I don't know, maybe it was the fact that we were on our honeymoon that was making it seem so "love"ly, but I have heard from enough people, that Europe in fact is an oh so amorous place to be. 

When I was creating this outfit, I was keeping Paris and Venice in mind, since these were the two places that left me swooning for... my husband ;-p. 

Tourist in Europe

Free People dress / Saltwater sandals / Brown jewelry / Kenneth Cole jewelry / Kate Spade retro sunglasses / Essie nailpolish

Sooo, if you have never been to Europe in the middle of summer, it is very hot, and in some places, very humid! While I was there, I just wanted to wear as little clothing as possible (NOT because I was on my honeymoon!) because staying cool was priority. Buuuuut, looking cute was also a priority. Let's face it, with the heat and humidity, hair is not something to really bother with too much, but fashion on the other hand, is a big deal! 

If I could find this dress, I would buy it... I think it's from an older collection, since I didn't see it in the store while I was just there....oh, well. It's probably better for my wallet that way, right?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

-- Farra

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now, That's A Piece Of Meat!

One of the nights we were in San Francisco, we ate at Harris Steakhouse, THE San Francisco Steakhouse. Apparently, this restaurant is a big deal to locals, and is considered a well known household name. I am definitely not a huge red meat eater, but after eating at this steakhouse, I can honestly say they really know how to cook their beef! Not only does this restaurant offer quality food, but their service and charm does not go unnoticed, either.

The restaurant location at almost a century old, has been finely renovated, but just enough to still leave you with a feeling of nostalgia, and being taken back in time! Etched glass doors framed in polished brass, proudly welcome its guests inside.for an unforgettable experience. Several cuts of aged beef are displayed in a window that can be seen by passer-by's.

The meal in which I enjoyed, is in the picture below. I had a Steak Rossini Filet, with Foie Gras. This dish as of recent remains off of the menu, due to a new law in California, stating that it is inhumane to fatten up geese (and make their livers delicious) for the soul purpose of creating this fantastic delicacy ( I mean, it's not like they throw the rest of the goose away, right? Someone eats them, too!). If you haven't tried Foie Gras, it is highly recommended, but you'll have to try it in another state or country (Paris, perhaps), I promise you will not be disappointed!

So, if you are ever in the Bay Area, this is a fabulous place to dine, and be merry. I hope to return one day!

-- Farra

Monday, July 16, 2012

San Francisco Road Trip

I know I have been pretty MIA lately, and honestly I have had too much going on! Some of our very good close friends are about to have a baby, and being as thrilled and excited as we are for them, we absolutely could not say no, when we were invited to their baby shower, in the bay area! While planning our trip, we decided driving was the best option for us, over flying. Why?? I have no idea, but I have learned that driving with a 14 month old in the car for 8 hours, proves to be a very trying day. Honestly, Brendan did as well as he could. Let's face it...sitting in a car seat cannot be fun, and on top of it, riding backwards has to make it worse. In case you weren't aware, it is now a law, that until the age of 2, children must ride rear facing in the car. I believe that if you are above a certain weight and height, there may be a way to get around it. Regardless of Brendan's whopping 98th percentile height measurements, he is riding backwards for a good while!

So, we finally got to San Francisco and because I did something screwy with my camera settings, and had issues readjusting them, I only captured a few really good ones. here are some of the ones that came out from our 2 day trip!

Brendan and I looking over San Francisco Bay! I am wearing Vintage Studs and Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace.

Brendan and Joe, the proud papa to be! We can't wait to meet their little princess! 

-- Farra

Monday, July 2, 2012

For The Love of Birds

Let me start off by apologizing for not posting in over a week. Basically, it goes down like this... I am exhausted. June went by in a blur, and it's pretty ridiculous. Honestly, if someone told me June didn't exist this year, I would believe them. 

June consisted of two weekends of traveling back to back. One weekend we were in San Francisco, and the following weekend we were in Las Vegas, (more on that later) which  needless to say, left me more than whatever the most kind of tired can be! It was like giving birth again, only  more exhausting... (sense the sarcasm, there?) just kidding, there is no other kind of exhaustion that can compare to childbirth.

OK I am going off on tangents, which is something I do when I am tired, or actually that's normal for me. 

Well, as if this post isn't enough off topic, you're probably saying, "What the heck does this post's title even mean anymore??"

All right, I'll tell ya...

So, I am a super huge animal loving person! I always have been, and probably always will be. I am going to really have to discipline myself into saying no when my kids ask to haveevery animal they want as a pet. We are absolutely not getting all Dr. Doolittle up in this joint, because the kids will probably earn the title of Dr. Doonothing when it comes to caring for them...yeah another with it! Because it's my birthday! 

Sooo, because I have been an animal lover all my life, I have to post about a recent occurrence with a little bird I rescued. I have always loved rescuing birds, and kitten, dogs, and frogs and lizards, butterflies, yaddayaddayadda.... 

This little guy was found by Bryan who promptly told me he was hiding in our ice plant in the front yard. I immediately went out to save him! After I finally caught him, he was put in a cage until I could figure out what to do with him.

I left the little guy in the garage and went to my laptop to look up what to do with him! I read that I should not to feed it, and that the best thing was to try and get him back to his parents. Directions instructed me to find a basket and hang it from a limb close to where the nest most likely is. 

Here is  the basket I hung, and the little birdie was placed inside! And I waited....

About 25 minutes later, the mother bird discovered her little baby inside, and tried to help him!

The baby then proceeded to try and fly out of the basket and landed in the grass. I went out, caught him again, and placed him back in the basket.

Not long after, the daddy bird came to rescue the baby! I thought this was an ordinary sparrow I was dealing with here, but after some research, I discovered there is no such thing as a red breasted sparrow, and he is in fact, a Red Breasted Rosefinch. 

Sadly, this story doesn't have the happiest of endings. After the baby jumped out of the basket twice more, the last time I went out to find him, and I couldn't not, and unfortunately it is now a mystery of where my little feathered friend went...

On a side note, today is the 8th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I don't generally make a big deal out of my birthday, but tonight we are going to see some pretty awesome 90's bands at the fair! Hopefully Brendan will enjoy it and not get cranky! 

Hope you all have a great day!

Ohhh, on a side note, I have added some new items to my shop!!! More is coming this week, so check it out!! 

In honor of summer, please enjoy 15% off your entire purchase with coupon code: SUMMERHEAT!! 

Have a great day!!

-- Farra

Friday, June 22, 2012

4 Years Down, Infinity To Go!!

As you are reading this, I am actually in Las Vegas! Yes, I know I slacked on the blog aaaaagain, for a whole week!! Buuuuttttt, we  have been sooooo busy!! Just last weekend we were in San Francisco, and then 3 days after arriving back, we were packing up again for our next trip. I am beyond exhausted, but I felt I had to post at least once this week! This post is for very good reason, too! 

June 22, 2008 is the day I married my best friend, confidante, love of my life. Yep, a happy occasion for us where we said our " I Do's", and we joined our lives together as one. I haven't looked back at my wedding pictures in a long time and I cannot even believe how much of a blur that day was! I can't even believe that we are married 4 years already! I also cannot believe that we have been together for 10 years as of August! 

Here is a portion of our actual wedding album that we have on our coffee table!  

This picture is of us during our first dance. It is not part of our album, because this priceless moment was captured by one of our very talented guests! 
This is one of my most favorite pictures from our wedding, ever!

I leave you with this video of our first dance! Hope you all enjoy it! We had a blast choreographing this!

Happy Anniversary, Bryan!! I love you!!

-- Farra

Thursday, June 14, 2012

So They Think They Can Dance

So, I have been meaning to post this video for awhile now, but never have gotten around to it. I actually kind of forgot about it until recently. This video is of my two Green Cheeked Conures (my feather babies) dancing to LMFAO's I'm Sexy and I know it. They love to dance together and hang out.

Timo: The more green one, is about 4.5 years old. We actually took him in a few months ago from my brother, when he couldn't take him to his new apartment. I decided I would foster him until we could find a good home and sell him. Besides dancing, Timo knows how to lay on his back, flip over on my finger, and give a high five, or many toes does he have?? He is pretty talented. 

Bonsai: Is the Turquoise colored Green Cheek Conure who is 2 years old. He thinks he is the baby. He says "Who's the baby" all of the time, because before Brendan was born, we used to say this to him. He also says "Stop It" quite frequently, because he hears that a lot from us. Bonsai also makes kissing noises, plays on his back for tummy rubs, imitates the sound of our old cabinet door squeeking, and wolf whistles. He also says "Come Here", "Step Up", "Bonsai" and "Fletcher" (My cockatiel's name, and my number 1 feather baby...more about him in another post!) 

So, after we took Timo in, we weren't sure how he and Bonsai would get along, but we decided to put them together and see how they interacted. Well, they love each other. Like, a lot. They snuggle with one another, and groom one another, and when put together are pretty much inseparable. They love each other to the point where Bryan and I are questioning whether or not they are both in fact males. A little trivia for you: The only real way to know the gender of most bird species is by DNA testing. Yep, ridiculous and something I am not committed to paying for yet. In the meantime, we are still debating on keeping Timo, though I really don't want another bird. They are freakin' messy!! We have our fingers crossed that we don't wake up one day and find eggs in either of their cages. I mean they are supervised when out together, but really??? What does bird sex look like?? How should I know if something is happening or not? (note to self: Youtube bird sex later...I might have a heartattack and be traumatized for a week.)

Anyways, here are these two little buddies dancing away.... 
(And you may notice Fletcher, whistling and singing in the background)

-- Farra

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WTF??!! On Pinterest!

Here we are again, for another week of Oh, How Pinteresting! This week, I decided to dedicate this post to all of the WTF moments we have when looking at some of the pictures we find on Pinterest.

Let's begin...

I'm sure there were other costume options other than a urinal, a comic book or a tomato soup can?? Ok, admittedly, I would wear the tomato soup can! That's kinda cute.

                                                                                           Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                                   Seriously?? A Louis Vuitton trash can?? 

                                                                                  Source: via Farra on Pinterest


This is what I call a die hard Twilight fan. Obsess much?? She's going to regret that when she's older....wait she is older. WTF??

                                                                                           Source: via Farra on Pinterest'

         I'm almost positive these are impossible to walk in, never mind the fact that they look uncomfortable.

                                                                                       Source: via Farra on Pinterest


                                                I have no words for this. I'm just scared.

                                                                                   Source: via Farra on Pinterest

                       So, have you guessed what this is yet?? Well, these are false eyelashes! 

                                                                                                        Source: via Farra on Pinterest

To keep with previous themes and my obsession with chickens, I leave you with this WTF moment.....

                                                                                            Source: via Farra on Pinterest


                                                           -- Farra