Monday, November 7, 2011

A 2 month Hiatus, & A Little Las Vegas!

It has been a long two months without a post of any kind. I can't really explain why in detail, except that it has been crazy busy. Let's see if I can catch you up to speed with a few highlights. So, the end of August was relatively slow, and not too busy, hence nothing worth writing about. Sure, I could have posted numerous cute pictures of Brendan (not a bad idea, eh?) but, I had nothing exciting to say about them, other than he is cute. September was pretty crazy!! Bryan and I threw a Labor Day party, then a few weeks later on October 1, had a family dinner to celebrate my brother Aaron's golden birthday. My baby bruttha turned 25!

The following weekend, we were in Las Vegas!!! This was a celebration with good friends for a 21st birthday! I haven't celebrated this way in quite awhile, and I tell you, it was a blast. Mr. Brendan stayed behind for this one with his grandparents, but he had lots of fun! Bryan and I however missed him terribly and called there a few times (uhm....maybe more than a few times...ok, like every few hours) over the weekend to check in and see how he was doing. I even made my mom text message me pictures of him, just so I could see his scrumptious little face!

We stayed at this luxurious MGM Grand hotel, in a room in the new West Wing. Let's just say, I am not a fan of the new rooms. They are pretty tiny to be honest and who needs a TV planted in the mirror next to the sink?? It's the size of a mirror on the visor in your car, AND it doesn't even get all the channels that the TV in the main part of the room gets. What do we call this?? Worthless, that's what! Anyways, it's a good thing we didn't spend too much time in the room, so I can't complain that much.

Our friends on the other hand, stayed in the luxurious, penthouse, apartment/condo things MGM is proud to call the SkyLofts ($5,000 to rest your head on that pretty pillow, per night!). These rooms are the real deal, when you stay at MGM. Our friends are gracious enough to let us hang out with them in their room when we go to Vegas with them, and it is a good time! The place is loaded! Remote controls to control, well, EVERYTHING!Want the shades in the windows drawn? Just press a little button on the touch screen remote. Oh, would you like to adjust the lights to set the mood? Just press a little button on the remote, and voila! Want something from outside of the room? Just press a button and a personal butler will come to assist you. Seriously, this is what you get when you stay at the MGM SkyLofts. As fun as drinking free alcohol and playing pool or foosball is in your room, so is going out of the room to all of the attractions and nightlife Las Vegas has to offer.Here's a couple pictures of the SkyLoft. These were taken courtesy of Bryan, and his HTC Incredible 2. They are a little dark, but considering they are from a smartphone, not too bad.

The evening upon our arrival, we dined at Shibuya, a sushi and Japanese food restaurant located in the MGM Grand. This restaurant has many awards from food critics and is very highly rated. Bryan is the food guy, and loves to eat a nice meal in nice places. Me on the other hand? I like different luxuries that I can hold onto and that last, like clothes, shoes, house decor, jewelry, yep...I spend my (ahhhem...our) money on tangible items. Anyhow, back to the restaurant review. I enjoyed eating at this restaurant. It is a bit pricey, but the sushi is very fresh and the dishes are beautifully presented. The ambiance is very nice, and romantic. The lights are set for the mood, and the service is impeccable. If you take a sip of water, you better believe there is someone there immediately after putting your glass down to refill it for you. Personally, I don't need that kind of service, but it is a quality this restaurant has, and it is nice. So, we ordered several dishes at the table, but I don't have pictures of all of the dishes.
Yellowtail tartare, with a quail egg on top, and crunchy-things. Delicious!!

Kampachi (amberjack) sashimi with tomatoes and sprouty things. Delicious and fresh!

Uni (Sea Urchin) I am not a fan of the texture or flavor. I recommend trying it, though! Rule of thumb, try everything at least once!!!

So, a great weekend was spent, indeed. We spent some time at MGM Grand's, Wet Republic party pool. They always have a great DJ, a full bar also equiped with machines that pump frozen alcoholic splendidness, like pink lemonade and other flavors! The people watching is great! There are enough slutty girls walking around, and sleazy guys drooling after them, to make for an eventful trash talk session with your gal pals and buds. Of course in the middle of all the Wet Republic hoopla, I realized I was starting to look like I had breast implants, which was a reminder that I didn't get away from my mommy responsibilities that easily....I had to go to the room and pump. (I found the Medela Harmony manual breast pump very convenient, for you mom's out there! No electricity required!) After my trek to the room, everyone decided it was time to get ready for dinner and a night out!

Bryan and I at Wet Republic

Dinner on this fine evening was spent once again, at MGM's, Pearl restaurant, an elegant chinese-fusion bistro, set with soft lighting, beautiful pillowy grey-blue satin walls, and subtle creamy orange roses, in the center of each table. The food is quite good here, but pricier than your average sit down chinese dinner. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. After our dinner, we set out in a limousine to Encore Hotel, to one of their night clubs, Surrender. This club is definitely one of my favorites in Las Vegas. It is located poolside with romantic lighting (I like lighting to set moods, give me a break!), cabanas and day beds set up as tables to buy for the night, and of course, a dance floor. It is such a open feeling to be at a club and not feel the crowds of people with a claustrophobic vibe under a dark ceiling, because at Surrender, your ceiling is an endless sky full of stars. It really is an amazing clubbing experience! Our group decided to buy a table for the night, which gets pretty expensive, but it was a night to remember.

At Surrender

Lastly, when Bryan and I go to Las Vegas (did I mention before Brendan came along, we frequented Vegas 3-4 times a year?) we love to stop at Serendipity 3, right outside of Caesar's Palace, made famous originally in New York City for their Frozen Hot Chocolate. This restaurant is a can't miss, and is ALWAYS crowded. It's easily seen from the strip, proudly wearing its bright pink and orange facade, with a charming and whimsical interior. Popular pop music is played over the speakers as you sit at small tables each equipped with its unique Tiffany Style stained glass lamp. As for food recommendations for this sweet little spot, we go for the Chicken and Waffles platter, and the ABC burger. We always end the meal with a Frozen Hot Chocolate (we share one of these babies, as you can guess they are packed choc full of calories and fat devine chocolatey deliciousness!!). This was the icing on the cake to end our fabulous weekend!

As our weekend wound down and came to an end, Bryan and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but were eager to get back to our little monkey. After a long weekend of being away, we were both so glad to get back to reality and be a little family again!

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TomiY1 said...

We loved having you there with us for this special trip. We cannot wait to celebrate yet again for my upcoming birthday in a few weeks. I'm fairly certain we will have yet another Vegas outing together in the coming year, so get your babysitting plans in order! :) A big CHEERS to a fabulous and worthy blog Farra!