Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm Farra! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading! I currently reside in San Diego, and love living here, and I never want to leave! Besides being a wife to my husband, and a mommy to my son who will be turning 1 in March, I am also a part time counselor to adults with developmental disabilities. I have been working in this field for almost 10 years and besides finding it rewarding, I actually really love what I do, and knowing that I can help make a difference for these people. In addition, I recently started my little etsy shop, Bohemian Honey Boutique, and you can read more about that, here!

When I have free time I like to read, bake, shop. I make serious attempts to go to yoga and pilates, but it doesn't always happen, because sometimes playing with my son on the floor sounds like so much more fun! I love decor from India and Morocco. Our home we purchased in May 2011 reflects that style. I like spending a good portion of time on Facebook, and Pinterest is starting to become a daily ritual, to the point my husband walks in the room and says, "Pinterest??? Again???". I shop at Costco, A LOT. I dream of having a closet just like Carrie Bradshaw's, but mine would be filled with beautiful clothing from Free People and Anthropologie. I love watching reality tv, and I know it is probably slowly melting my brain.

So, as I was saying above, I have a brand new etsy shop called, Bohemian Honey Boutique.
I mostly sell jewelry that I like to refer to as, 'bohemian chic'. I do plan to carry home accessories, like wine charms, and other fun things! If you like Anthropologie and Free people, I think you will like my shop!

How did I decide to open up an etsy shop??

Believe it or not, kids? I was inspired by a bag of fabric scraps. Um, yeah I am totally aware they have no relation. At all. Whatsoever. Basically, I bought a bag of fabric scraps thinking I could do something super cool with them! Well, then that got me thinking how much I used to love making jewelry, and why I don't do it anymore? So, I started buying supplies, and began creating! I love making jewelry! It is so much fun and is actually therapeutic to me! I couldn't possibly wear everything I make, so selling them and hoping other people would enjoy my pieces would make me extremely happy!

A few random facts about me:

+ I grew up in a little town called Whittier, in CA. It's in between LA and The OC.
+ I have played the piano for years, but cannot read music anymore. Ask me to play any song, and I can pretty much figure it out. Maybe there's a career for me in a dueling piano bar? Nah....
+ I taught myself how to play the guitar
+ I am allergic to olive trees, but not olives
+ I LOVE making lists for myself. When I cross things off, I feel like I actually accomplished something!
+ When I was 16, my Dad and I restored my first car together, my 1965 Ford Mustang. Yep, I can work on cars. I am very proud of this!
+ I refer to my birds, as my first children or my feather-babies. Bonsai is a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and Fletcher is a White and grey Cockatiel, who I taught to whistle 'The Andy Griffith Show' theme song!
+ My favorite tv shows will probably always be I Love Lucy, and Friends
+ I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my toungue
+ My favorite holiday is Independence Day. I love fireworks and celebrating our beautiful country.

I know you may feel that this is kind of brief (NOT!!!!), but you'll learn a ton more about me by reading my blog! Thanks for taking a look! 



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Red Carpet Experience.

Bryan and I were invited as guests to attend the Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie premiere, on November 14th at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Everyone has been asking, 'How did you get tickets??! It isn't open to the public!' The answer is, Bryan's company does work for Summit Entertainment, and we were asked to come along!

Well, what can I say about this night other than it was EPIC!!! I got all gussied up for the event, which in the end was well worth the effort. Choosing the right dress was kind of difficult, but I feel I indeed, made the right choice!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere attire
 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere attire by cloude18hteen featuring max & cleo dresses
Dress: Max&Cleo, Nordstrom. Shoes: Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters. (No details for necklace, earrings and nail polish, as these are not exact items I own/wore)

The evening began at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill located right outside of the Staples Center. This restaurant has an Italian influenced menu with a variety of options from your typical sweet potato fries and gourmet pizzas, to pasta, fish, and meat dishes. Pricing of the restaurant is mid to high range, but food portions were perfect and satisfying.
Picture courtesy of Discover Los Angeles

The restaurant faced the area where the celebrities were being interviewed before the movie, so we had a great view! Here are a few of the celebrities we were able to see. I don’t have my own pictures because neither cameras, nor cell phones were permitted at the premiere. They even had everyone walk through metal detectors’, that’s how serious a deal this was! Here are just a few of the celebrities we saw throughout the night.

Photos courtesy of Extra

Photo's above courtesy of Homorazzi

The movie... I was pleasantly surprised by the way it turned out, because I wasn't too fond of the previous movies. That's all I will say about it, just in case you haven't seen it yet. The Nokia theatre held the over 4,000 people who came to see the movie. Some of these people were contest winners and screamed obnoxiously throughout various points in the movie. We were seated right along with the celebrities, and even had some of the less well known Breaking Dawn cast members seated directly in front of and behind us.  (Robert Pattinson walked right past me.I could have grabbed his arm. Too bad it wasn't Taylor Lautner walking past, because I probably would have grabbed him...just kidding. He's like 17, right? Just kidding again! I totally play for Team Bryan! ;-))

After the movie, we attended the after party. It was decorated like scenes from the movie. Half of the room was decorated like the wedding, and the other half was decorated like the honeymoon island they vacationed on. There was so much food, all the alcohol you could drink, and lots of amazing desserts. 

Photo's above courtesy of E!

Our picture taken at the after party!

I am so glad I was able to spend this evening with Bryan (he was so handsome!) This was definitely an unforgettable, once in a lifetime opportunity!